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izmir çeşme’den erkek arkadaş arıyorum

Herkese merhaba ismim cansu 26 yaşındayım. İzmir Çeşme’de yalnız yaşıyorum.  Kendime ait mağazamda bayan kıyafetleri satıyorum. İşlerim yoğun olduğu için henüz tatil yapmaya fırsat bulamadım. Benimle izmir çeşme’de tatil yapmayı düşünen erkeklerle tanışmak istiyorum. 

Ben biraz utangaç ve çekingen yapılı bir insanım. Bu nedenle erkek arkadaş bulmak konusunda zorlanıyorum. Bende bu yüzden sohbet sitesi aracılığı ile kendime sevgili bulmaya karar verdim. Sohbet odalarında henüz istediğim kişi ile karşılaşmak kısmet olmadı.


Birde  ilan bırakarak şansımı denemek istedim. Nasıl birisi olduğumu merak edenler için biraz kendimi tanıtıyım.


Ben 1,65 boyunda kumral bir bayanım. Şuana kadar hayatıma giren kişiler beni mutlu etmeyi başaramadı umarım bu sefer gerçek mutluluğu yaşayabilirim. Bana istediğim mutluluğu yaşatabilecek izmirli beylerin mesajlarını bekliyorum. Tanışmak istediğim kişi yaşıma uygun ve bekar olursa sevinirim. Bunun haricinde herşey tanıştıktan sonra konuşulabilir.

Deleted user May 22 '2015, 14:03 · Comments: 8
Onur Türk
Bugün sizlere, birçoğunuzun bilmediği yada bilenlerin ise TV ler'de çıkan kısa haberlerde gündeme gelen ve unutulan bir Ülke'nin ve bir Türk Boyunun var olma mücadelesi hakkında fikirlerimi paylaşacağım.

Yüz ölçümü 1.8 milyon km 2 olan bu ülkenin coğrafyası Türkiye'nin 2 katına denk gelmektedir. Fakat Nüfusu ise belirli kentlerde yoğunlaşmaktadır. Çin'in yapmış olduğu nüfus sayımında nüfusu 1982 yılında 31 milyon olarak hesaplanmıştır.
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Onur Türk Jan 6 '2020, 17:40 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 6
Alice S. Jacobs

Hello, everybody and my name is alicejah But you can call me Alice.

I am looking a Serious and long term relationship

want you to know that am online looking for an honest men and a Atheist men for serious and long term relationship.

i do want you to know that am new in online dating because i was just introduce to it and i need someone that can show me real love is not someone that will hurt my heart looking for an honest men and careing men that can accept me as whom i am and show me real.

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Alice S. Jacobs Sep 25 '2020, 19:20 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 6

Söyle Sevgilim Canımın' Can'ı
Seni Benim kadar seven oldumu ?
Dolaşırken ıssız karanlık gecelerde
Sensizliğin Sessizliğinde kahrolan oldu mu ?
Her güne hasretinle başlayıp
Seni Sensizlikte Yaşayan oldu mu ?
Kalbindeki Sevgini Yaşamını, Yalnızca Sana Adayan oldu mu ?
En ufak bir seste geleceksin diye ,
Kalbi fırlarcasına çarpan oldumu ?
Kalbindeki tahtın en güzel köşesinde seni oturtan oldumu ?
Üzüntüsüne mutluluğuna ve canına,
Senin resmini çizen oldumu ?
Seninle ağlayıp Seninle gülen, dertLerine Ortak olan oldumu ?
Arkadaşın , dostun , Sırdaşın seni benim kadar seven oldumu _
Gözlerime bak ve kalbimi dinle de söyle;

YaLoVaLı_77 May 6 '2015, 17:55 · Comments: 5
Onur Türk
Today I will share with you my ideas about the struggle for existence of East Turkestan, a forgotten country that many of us do not know.

This country has a surface area of 1.8 million km 2 and its geography is large but its population is concentrated in certain cities.

In the 1982 census, the population of the region was calculated as 31 million. Today, in 2020, it is estimated that there are 16 million Uyghur Turks.

Please publicize this massacre and torture in the Uighur region in China on behalf of all humanity.

For their beliefs and because of the precious metals and gold resources of the region, they follow a policy of assimilation and mass destruction to the Uighurs in this region.

I read the news about uyghurs. it was saying about Chinese state minister "we killed 35 million Uighur Turks"

About 4-5 million people were ordered to be imprisoned and tortured by Chinese authorities that the Uighur Turks should not live in the region within 10 years.

Onur Türk Jan 7 '2020, 14:29 · Comments: 5
Chelsey A.lindo
Chat me up if you interested in me dear

i am looking a man above 35, also looking a for long term relationship.
Here is chelsey alindo blog.

Chelsey A.lindo Apr 30 '2020, 10:27 · Comments: 5
Onur Türk

Hello, today i want to tell about my opinion African peoples. i want to tell you first It's not include all Africans peoples.

i din't had a bad opinion about African peoples until join this website.

Here i see everyday African scammer, Nigeria, Togo, Senegal, Togo, Ghana so most of scammers they are living in this countries. They are everyday trying to scam innocent peoples from Asia, Europa and USA. They have fake photos, fake profiles, fake life story, background of this beautiful account a African man who is sitting front of his computer and sending this stupid scam messages..

when i was child here on Turkey TV was making news peoples they don't like African because of their races but i understand that it is actuality not true. In USA One in three Negro African person committed a crime. it is making %33 criminals African origin peoples in USA. it is a very huge value!

but I don't think everyone is the same. i can't tell all African peoples are scammers. But countries from Nigeria, Senegal, Togo and Ghana. They are looking online scam like a job. Smile simple emojihow you are a teacher, doctor or Enginer. they are seem online scam is their job. They should scam peoples they don't alternative. and it is most easy way to scam someone from Internet than to work somewhere.

They are all day sending spam, scam messages to innocent peoples from different computers. they don't get tired because scamming their job.

They pollute their countries names and innocent peoples names. İ saw on internet near to all computers writing "it is forbidden scam, scam, 546 email, online scam, etc... Smile simple emojiyou can't see this notice from another country only in African countries.

Do not destroy your prejudices, maybe it will protect you from bad people.

Onur Türk Sep 9 '2020, 12:16 · Comments: 5
Chunhua Fang

HELLO, ilkok social network,

I am Mary... I am 25 years old. I am looking a men for dating with me long time...are you agree? If you agree please knock me...If you Want Fun If you Like Dating Please Contact me.

if you want real online dating partner? knock me add me please

Sony Glory

I wonder if men looking for women in America are here? I'm really asking this, guys, because I'm a woman looking for a man, after all. I actually took my place to tell you how lucky the men I will meet will be.


I don't want to say my name now. I find it right to share with those who send a message. But my age is 28 friends. If you want, let me try to talk about myself now in order to at least tell you what kind of person you will be when you send a message.

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Sony Glory Aug 24 '2021, 12:08 · Comments: 5 · Tags: livedating, dating, usa dating, man looking women, female friend in usa
Alina Travel

Side Ancient City​


About the city: Side is a holiday resort in Antalya's Manavgat district. As it is known, Antalya is one of the centers of summer holidays in Turkey. Side is one of the most preferred holiday resorts in Antalya. In Side, which has a population of 14,115 under normal conditions, this rate doubles during the summer season. This charming town, one of the oldest cities in the world, is rich in history, archeology and culture.


How many days to visit: 2 days will be enough to visit Side.


Best time to visit: The most popular season of Side, which is under the influence of the Mediterranean climate, is undoubtedly summer. Side, which is heavily flooded with tourists especially in June and July, can also be visited in spring months such as September or May.

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Alina Travel Apr 18 '2022, 7:16 · Comments: 5
Emma Cooper

Hey I'm looking a sweetman for my life...  

Hello. First of all, I am a person who you can be sure about trust and loyalty, has a career, is a civil servant, knows all kinds of environments, has experienced and gives importance to friendship and conversation.


I am a romantic person, I know what a man wants, I love cooking, nature, I go on trips from time to time. I have hobbies such as camping, singing poetry and photography. I have been abroad in the USA and Canada. I'm 180 tall and 75 kilos. I am waiting for Men who want to meet.

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Emma Cooper Apr 12 '2022, 9:55 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 4 · Tags: ukdating, usa dating, dating. fun friendship
Jenny mi
She 12 weeks old, very playful, outgoing, and extremely cute! She is AKC registered, and up to date on all vaccines and worming. She will come with a health guarantee. The father is a teacup

Yorkie 3 1/2 pounds. Mother is 5 pounds. The puppies full grown and will range around 4 to 5 lbs, according to the growth chart,

They love people so much especially kids and will be the number one attraction in your family, love to give kisses and sit on your lap and very playful.Anxiously awaiting to be your new pet companion. Contact anytime for more info about this baby

Jenny mi Sep 28 '2019, 16:06 · Comments: 4
Onur Türk
Hello, everybody today i will share with you my opinion about scammer girls. how do you understand if a girl scam or real person. Firstly scammer peoples target is your moneys.

If you don't send your moneys to them or don't give your credit card information they can't do nothing.

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Onur Türk Feb 15 '2020, 12:16 · Comments: 4
Loyce Maria

hello everyone everyone. I am Miss Loyce. I am 24 years old. For those who do not understand more or less why I am here, let me tell you. I'm actually looking for a widow. You ask why? Because I am also a widow. I have been alone for 3 years.

I got married and divorced and I need someone to be friends. Oh, I just don't want him to stay with friends. It can also be done with the intention of getting married.

I respect everyone and I will return. But I would like to say that I am looking for a man. Therefore, those who say they are looking for a married man should not write. I intend a serious friendship and I don't want to waste time unnecessarily.

I can notice the change in my face day by day. My beauty is not going away, but my thoughts as a brain are changing. Actually, I have matured. The ending of my marriage made me very sad. I was very worn out, I went through very difficult processes.

I was badly beaten by both my family and my social environment. I have no children. I saw that it does not work, I want to make friends in order to start over. I can also say that I will contact those who will write to me about this. We can talk on the phone or face to face. If you have any questions about different topics, I would like you to ask easily. Of course, everything should be respectful.

Come my personal profile on this social network. it's have my personal number we can talk on hangout and Whatsapp about everything also include about sex chat on phone baby. just my I'd name Annakelly add me on here join and look my profile if you think we can be happy together write me.

Loyce Maria Nov 9 '2020, 6:00 · Comments: 4 · Tags: girl, fucking, dating, boobs, usa girl, sexy, hot girl, hot
Onur Türk

Moldova ülkesini ve başkentinin nasıl göründüğünü hayal ettiğiniz de aklınıza ne canlanıyor?


Sovyetler birliği geçmişi 50 yıl sürdüğü Göz önünde bulundurursak, sokakların oldukça mat renkler gri ve büyük görünmesini ve insanların oldukça acımasız ve soğuk olduğunu düşünebilirsiniz.

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Onur Türk May 28 '2021, 21:55 · Comments: 4
Onur Türk

Today I am telling you what I observed and heard in Ukraine. Let's come to our famous Lviv Nightlife article.


Let's start with the most frequently asked questions after the trip; The population of girls in Lviv is 85%. How are the girls in Lviv? It's cheap there, right?

How are the nightclubs? How much are the drinks? How much are the entries? Are the places beautiful?

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Onur Türk Apr 12 '2022, 13:17 · Comments: 4
Turgut Can

Sparrows are one of the bird species best adapted to humanity's change.


Sparrows are one of the bird species that best adapt to humanity's change. Despite this, their population has been decreasing rapidly in recent years. When England found that it had lost 68% of its sparrows, it began to conduct research in London parks to protect the species. Indians created World Sparrow Day to draw the world's attention to this extinction. Every year on March 20, the whole world takes action for these little creatures. In our country, Doğa Association has been organizing events within the scope of World Sparrow Day with the support of nature volunteers for the last 3 years.


We can list many signs heralding the arrival of spring: nature turns green; flowers bloom; Butterflies begin to fly, birds begin to sing...


But in our lives squeezed into big concrete cities, most of us cannot catch these signs and miss spring. However, sparrows chirp from the small bushes next to huge buildings or in front of your window, as if they are trying to announce to people that spring is at the door.

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Turgut Can Sep 9, 18:06 · Comments: 4
Onur Türk

Rusya Rusya haklarına  savaşın onların istediği gibi gittiğini söylese de  aslında savaş meydanında gerçekler bunlar ile örtüşmüyor. Rusya çok ağır kayıplar verdi bir çok şehri elinde tutamadı


Bunun özellikle sebeplerinden bir tanesi Ukrayna milliyetçiliği ve Ukraynaların hiç tahmin edilmediği şekilde direnmeleri.  Putin 2014 deki gibi Ukrayna'nın direnmeyeceğini düşünüyordu fakat yapılan Masada yapılan Planlar tutmadı. 

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Alina Travel

There are many cities in the Middle East that are worth visiting. Tabriz, one of the cities of Iran, is one of those cities.


Tabriz is a city with a dense Turkish population. Therefore, Turkish culture is dominant in Tabriz. The number of places to see and visit in Tabriz, whose population is mostly Azerbaijani Turks, is very high. Tabriz is known as one of the largest cities in Iran.


It is known that Şems, one of Mevlana's greatest friends, was also from here. There are many touristic places to visit in Tabriz. If you want to visit Tabriz, first of all, it will be enough to review the travel guide. On average, you can visit Tabriz in 3-4 days.

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Alina Travel Aug 2, 7:59 · Comments: 4
Alina Travel

The most beautiful places to visit in Istanbul for Tourists

Golden Information for foreigners about Istanbul
About the city: Istanbul, which is located in a very important position by connecting the Asian and European continents, is Turkey's center of commerce, industry, transportation, tourism, education, culture and art. Istanbul, the apple of the eye of Turkey, is also the most populous city in Europe with its population of 20 million. Approximately 1.8 Million Foreigners are legal residents. More than half of them are immigrants from European Union countries.


You can also find foreign citizens who have settled in Istanbul from almost all over the world. It is estimated that there are around 1 million temporary residents in the form of refugees. To talk about the history of Istanbul, Istanbul, formerly Constantinople, has been the capital of many civilizations from the Roman Empire to the Ottoman Empire as one of the oldest cities in the world. Therefore, the historical treasure in the city is quite a lot. Read on for the routes of places to visit in Istanbul, which is the subject of songs and poems with its beauty!

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Alina Travel Sep 13 '2022, 14:02 · Comments: 3
Onur Türk

20 de țări în care trăiesc cei mai mulți turci, iată lista uluitoare a raportului


Nu se știe dacă din cauza spiritului nomad care vine de la strămoșii turcilor, se știe că aceștia și-au înființat locuri de muncă și familii în multe părți ale lumii. Deci câți turci trăiesc în ce țară? În ce țară trăiesc majoritatea turcilor? Iată cele 20 de țări în care locuiesc cei mai mulți turci, potrivit datelor ministerului de externe.


Nu numai în anumite țări, ci în multe țări ale lumii, există un număr mare de turci. Conform graficului care acoperă 152 de țări, au fost identificați 5 milioane de cetățeni turci care locuiesc în străinătate. Iată primele 20 de țări de pe listă.

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Onur Türk Dec 18 '2022, 10:43 · Comments: 3
Turgut Can

The meaning and importance of the Turkish power symbol Bozkurt


The wolf motif, which the Turks attribute holiness and find the reflection of their own characters in, has been one of the most used sacred symbols in Turkish history.


Turks have symbolized many animals throughout history. The lion of the Qizilbash Safavids, the phoenix of the European Huns, the dragon of the Asian Huns, the eagle of the Seljuks, the peacock of the Ghaznavids are famous. But the symbol above all these is "Gökbörü", that is, "Bozkurt", which is the common symbol of all Turanic tribes. This epic being is the symbol of the Turk.

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Turgut Can Dec 20 '2022, 9:55 · Comments: 3
Turgut Can

În 1972, geologul Dr. Descoperită de Temuçin Aygen, Peștera Albastră este situată în districtul Kaș din Antalya. Această peșteră, care are puține exemple în lume, se află lângă plaja Kaputaș, pe coasta mării, între Kaș și Kalkan.


Se află la 18 km de Kas și la 6 km de Kalkan. Kalkan, unde se află peștera albastră; A primit steagul albastru pentru curățenia și frumusețea sa. Kalkan, cunoscut anterior ca Kalamaki, a fost construit pe o pantă abruptă.

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Turgut Can Dec 21 '2022, 11:25 · Comments: 3
Onur Türk

Băile Turcesca, care erau foarte populare în trecut, au fost folosite în multe țări, de la Roma până la Imperiul Otoman. Este locul în care mulți oameni obișnuiesc să curețe și să se distreze. În trecut, în Baie Turcesc (hammam) se mananca fructe și facea muzică.

În special în băile turcești au cantea instrumentul Saz, care este un instrument tradional turcesc,

Petrecerea timpului în hamam după o zi obositoare este o experiență foarte relaxantă și plăcută. Ca și în țara noastră, băile turcești și băile aparținând altor culturi sunt utilizate pe scară largă în întreaga lume.

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Onur Türk Dec 30 '2022, 13:00 · Comments: 3
Turgut Can

Avrupa'yı  düşük bütçeyle gezmek ister misiniz? O zaman bu yazı tam size göre! Avrupa'nın sunduğu her şeyi bankayı bozmadan deneyimleyebilmeniz için seyahat ederken nasıl para biriktireceğinize dair ipuçları ve püf noktaları paylaşacağım.


Ucuz uçak bileti bulmaktan konaklama ve etkinliklerde indirim almaya kadar, bütçenizi zorlamadan Avrupa'yı nasıl gezeceğinizi göstereceğim. Öyleyse başlayalım!


Tatil Seyahatini Planlamanıza Yardımcı Olacak Akıllı Telefon Uygulamaları: Tatil seyahatinizi nasıl planlayacağınıza dair bir blog.

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Turgut Can Feb 24 '2023, 7:57 · Comments: 3
Turgut Can

Everybody want to dating a single beautiful philino girl but some of them are heart stolen it mean you also look for a soulmate on filipino dating but she also look dating for yours moneys. Just becareful everywhere good and bad peoples. So my next question is

  • How easy is it to date a Filipino woman?


By “easy,” do you mean, “How easy is it to get a Filipino woman (a Filipina) to go out with you?” - or -”How easy is it to get her to be interested enough to keep dating you, and vice versa?” Either way…a complicated question, and depends on a few key variables:

  • Does this woman live in the Philippines? If so, where - city or province?
  • What class is her family? (Socially, educationally and financially)
  • What’s her educational background?
  • ... more

I am single gril looking for real love and 

 Hello I am a widow my husband left me because he chose another woman, I am here hoping to find a good and serious man to marry me no matter which country you are from.


Send your message via my private I really need a man in my life I'm 35 years  I'm single mother for so long and I've been craving for love all day I need a mature man that's caring and understanding please Contact with me here.

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Onur Türk

Gün geçmiyor ki Türkiye de yeni bir dolandırıcılık yöntemi gelişmesin. Son dolandırıcılık yöntemi ise Jigolo olmak isteyenorta yaş ve evli erkeklere hedef alıyor. Evli erkekler hem farklı bir cinsel deneyim kazanmak ve yeni insanlar ile tanışıp para kazanmak istersen. Dolandırıcıların tuzağına düşüyor.   Sloganları ise "çalışarak değil gezerek eğlenerek para kazan" 

Önce size güzel reklamlar ile üye yapıyorlar.  Size bu dolandırıcılık yönteminde size mutsuz bayanlar ile birlikte olduğunuz da çok yüksek gelirler kazanacağınız sözünde bulunuyorlar. Sizi siteye üye olmaya teşvik ediyorlar.   

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Turgut Can

The Moldovan people have created over the centuries a rich and varied spiritual and material culture, which reflected the thoughts and aspirations of the people, their needs and mentality. Oral folk creation, traditions, customs, crafts, literature, plastic art, music, theater, and from the 20th century and the cinema have registered remarkable successes in their evolution, as evidenced by the valuable artistic works that have entered the heritage of the national culture and universal.

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Turgut Can Sep 8, 8:00 · Comments: 3 · Tags: moldova, culture, moldova culture
Turgut Can


Canada, the second-largest country in the world, is a land of breathtaking landscapes, diverse cultures, and friendly locals. From the vibrant cities to the vast wilderness, there's so much to explore and learn about this fascinating nation. In this blog post, we'll delve into the essentials, giving you a comprehensive overview of what you need to know about Canada.

Canada's geography is nothing short of spectacular. From the majestic Rocky Mountains to the stunning Niagara Falls, the country boasts diverse landscapes. Learn about the iconic national parks, such as Banff and Jasper, and discover the beauty of the Canadian Shield and the Arctic tundra.

... more

Turgut Can Nov 27, 7:45 · Comments: 3 · Tags: canada
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